Capital Campaign


Thank you for your interest in the Camano  Schoolhouse’s Capital Campaign.

The Camano Schoolhouse Foundation (CSF) is a 501(c)(3) organization, and is the steward for the Camano Schoolhouse.

The Camano Schoolhouse, located in Camano City,  is our island’s only remaining one-room schoolhouse.  As a major portion of its stewardship, CSF  instituted a Strategic Plan which is best capsulated in our motto:

                     “Old School is New School.”

For the Schoolhouse to achieve its highest and best use as an educational center for the area’s residents and visitors, your help is needed….now …if at all possible.



Why does Camano Schoolhouse Foundation need a Capital Campaign?

Answer 1:  Our Pilot Educational Program was a Success!
Our 2015-2016 pilot educational series of programs was a success.  The Camano community wants more, and CSF plans to deliver.

Putting first things first, though, the Schoolhouse’s structure needs attention.  The detriments of the schoolhouse structure, e.g. lack of fully functioning facilities, lack of access, lack of parking, etc. are blocking its full potential.  In order to continue to safely function as an educational center, CSF  must first rehabilitate the 1904 structure to accommodate access, parking and updated facilities for all of its students and volunteers.

With our listed rehabilitation projects, we can provide a comfortable and accessible learning center well into the future while also providing a historical educational experience.  With an operational educational center, CSF can help to build stronger family ties and greater intelligence in the community.

Answer 2: CSF preserves the Schoolhouse’s Washington’s Heritage Register status.

Preserving the Camano Schoolhouse status as a Washington Heritage Register property is an essential part of CSF’s mission.  With CSF’s activites in 2015-2016, the community demonstrated its support for preserving the historical one-room educational center and Camano Island’s history.

Recently, a Camano Island resident found and  returned the long-lost Schoolhouse Bell, pictured above.  Another Camano City resident, Tami Douglas, recently uncovered a 1912 photograph of the original schoolhouse.  The photo clearly depicted the schoolbell’s bell tower.  The community of volunteers got excited!  The Schoolhouse was coming back to life!

Both of these important and artistic historical artifacts have inspired the reconstruction of the bell tower and original front steps depicted in the 1912 photograph of the Schoolhouse.  So, those restoration projects are on the Capital Improvements Needs List!

“Raise the Bell” is Capital Campaign slogan that depicts the need to restore the Camano Schoolhouse to its original structure while also ringing in the importance of accessible and comfortable education for people of all ages.  When CSF and our community “Raise the Bell”, the  Camano Schoolhouse will be preserved for the next generation.

Answer 3:  These projects are more than the volunteers can handle.

CSF intends to make the Camano Schoolhouse an accurate and accessible education center with historical features and displays.  While performing each of the intended rehabilitation projects and the historical reconstruction projects, 1904 historical features will be protected and pursued.  Balancing historical features with necessary updates calls for expert opinions and guidance.

Each project will require the purchase of materials and, most likely, specialized licensed labor and expertise.  CSF will seek in-kind donations, but cannot expect labor and materials to be donated at full cost. These projects are just more than the volunteer forces and in-kind donations can handle.

The essence of the volunteers’ inspiration is community support.  With your donations to CSF’s  501(c)(3) organization, experts and volunteers alike will accomplish the all of the necessary and desired work, then “Raise the Bell” for the Camano Schoolhouse.

With your support, Camano Island’s aging and youthful community will have an “old school” turned “new school” for people of all ages to learn together.

What does the Camano Schoolhouse Foundation’s Capital Campaign Include?

“Capital Improvements Needs List”.  The CINL outlines the costs and reasons for the required improvements and desired restorations.

Why Does CSF Need A Capital Campaign Now?

Answer 1:  The Community wants Quality Education for All Ages in a Quality Structure.

Enhancing our successful pilot program with a quality and accessible historical space is essential for the Schoolhouse’s future operations.  CSF volunteers have kept the structure in good condition, but more must be done.

Answer 2:  Volunteers are standing ready to work with assistance of these Capital Funds.  With the excitement from the return of the Schoolhouse Bell and the 1912 photo of the Schoolhouse with its belltower, volunteers were excited to bring the Schoolhouse back to its original condition.  Volunteers discovered the schoolhouse’s original blackboards and douglas fir flooring under decades of coverings.  CSF volunteers hope to complete the necessary improvements and “raise the schoolhouse bell” to a historically accurate and reconstructed bell tower during the 2017 construction season so that classes can be scheduled in January 2018.

Answer 3:  A recent Capital Campaign donor will donate an additional $10,000.00.

On August 27, 2016, CSF received a private donation of $10,000.00.  The donation came with a challenge:  if CSF’s Capital Campaign could raise a  substantial portion of the funds needed to achieve its CINL by March 1, 2017, then that donor would gift another $10,000.00 towards the start of an Schoolhouse Internship Program.  The CSF Board understands that this proposed Internship Program will serve to create jobs opportunities for all ages in our community and will be modeled after an internship program that received a U.S. Presidential Award.  This Internship Program will serve the Camano Island community, Island County and Washington State for years to come.

​How can YOU help?

We would greatly appreciate your comments, your opinions and your donations of time, effort and capital to CSF’s 501(c)(3) organization for this Capital Campaign.  We have many ways to donate:  the old school way – a check to CSF, or the new school way – PayPal.

Thank you for caring about the Camano Schoolhouse.


1. $1 – $99………….Website /Newsletter Recognition
2. $100 – $249………”………………..”
3. $250 – $499………”………………..”
4. $500 – $999………”………………..”
5. $1000 – $2,499….. Preservation Partner Level 1 – & Plaque Recognition
6. $2,500 – $4,999…. Preservation Partner Level 2 “
7. $5,000 – $7,499….. Preservation Partner Level 3 “  “
8. $7,500 – $9,999….. Preservation Partner Level 4 “  “
9. $10,000 – $14,999.. Preservation Founder Level I – & Kiosk Recognition
10. $15,000 – $19,999…Preservation Founder Level II “  “
11. $20,000 – $29,999… Preservation Founder Level III “
12. $30,000 – $49,999… Preservation Founder Level IV
13. $50,000 – $99,999… Preservation Founder Level V
14. $100,000 +…………. Preservation Founder Level VI


In-Kind (Labor with invoice)
In-Kind (Labor without invoice)
Expenditure (with invoice)
Expenditure (without invoice)



Levels of Donation:

Membership – Board and Teachers
Preservation Partners
Educational Partners – Sponsors