Heritage Register

Historic 1906 Camano City Schoolhouse
Now on Washington State Heritage Register

Camano Schoolhouse Foundation President Jim Turk (left) and Treasurer Chuck Durland  (right) accept the Award from Susan White,
a Citizen Memeber of the Heritage Adivosry Council.

There were lots of handshakes, smiling faces and photographers at a June 20, 2014 ceremony in La Conner, WA.  There, the Governor’s Advisory Council of the WA Department of Archaelogy and Historic Preservation, officially confirmed listing of the Historic 1905 Camano City Schoolhouse on the WA Heritage Register of Historic Places.  In her presentation remarks, Allyson Brooks, Ph.d., DAHP Directore and State Historic Preservation Officer said, “The Camano City Schoolhouse is historically significant, as an intact example of an early, one-room schoolhouse, directly linked to the early educational system of WA state.”

This designation for the schoolhouse enhances its stature as a “must-see” destination for ever-growing numbers of ardent “heritage travel” fans.

Thanks and congratulations to the CSF Board for this impressive and noteworthy DAHP nomination and listing,