History Mystery Writing Contest

Cash Prizes Awarded on Sunday March 26 at 3 p.m. at Camano Schoolhouse.

Simple Rules:

1. Must be age 14 or older and be the sole writer of the history mystery.
2. Must pose and resolve a non-crime mystery on Camano Island
3. Must involve at least 1/2 of the Camano Island Historic Sites as mapped on the Tour Map
4. Must involve the "History Hints" from at least 1/2 of the mapped Historic Sites. "History Hints" are found on site.
5. Must be less than 2500 words (with word count noted.)
6. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: In Person, Sunday March 26 at noon, Camano City Schoolhouse.

Simple Permissions:

1. May be fictional history or non-fictional history (if non-fiction, proof of substantive facts should be noted in either the body of the work or in a footnote. Footnotes do not count against word count.)
2. May be prose or poetry
3. May include illustrations (by another person, if credit is given.)
4. May include "dual timelines", i.e. the present and the past.

Winning The Judges:

1. Have Fun and Observe Rules: 50 points
2. Creatively Tell the Story: 30 points
3. Unique Mystery: 20 points


(Must be present or have related designee to accept award.)
1st Prize: $250.00 cash - Overall Best
2nd Prize: $100.00 cash - Most Unique Mystery
3rd Prize: $50.00 cash - Most Promising for Next Year's Winner.

Sponsored by: The Gilroy Law Firm in Stanwood, Washington