Operating Expenses – Adopt a Month Program

Amazing things have happened this year at Camano City Schoolhouse.  As reported in the Stanwood Camano News, our long-lost schoolhouse bell was returned.   Then a nearby resident uncovered a little-known 1912 photograph of our schoolhouse with its original bell tower.   Days later we received a donation that ignited a Capital Campaign challenge.  Our volunteers were then inspired to reveal the schoolhouse’s preserved wood floors and eleven original blackboards around its walls.   Our schoolhouse is ringing with excitement.

We want you to be a part of it!

We are proud to announce that the months of January, February, March, April and July have been adopted!  The caring donors are acknowledged on our website and on a sculpted cedar schoolhouse plaque at the schoolhouse.  We hope that you will consider being a donor in the Adopt-A-Month program.

The motto of our Foundation is “old school is new school.” To achieve this goal of education for all ages, the Foundation board is dedicated to restoring the Camano City Schoolhouse to its original condition with appropriate updates for easier access for all. With the start of our Capital Campaign, restoration and construction are our next steps.

Our plans to restore the schoolhouse to its 1906 splendor does cause one concern.  Our classes and programs will be infrequent in 2017.  Yet, expenses will continue.  Hopefully, on January 1, 2018, construction will be completed and we will be up and running classes.  (Check out our Strategic Plan for a list of our classes at www.CamanoSchoolhouse.org.) For now we need to cover expenses for 2017.

It costs approximately $1,000 per month to operate and maintain the Schoolhouse.  So, in this time of need, we reach out to our friends and past donors with an Adopt-A-Month Program to cover the upcoming monthly expenses.

Any and every donation for operating expenses helps.  In particular though, we are hoping to encourage group donations (equaling $1000.00) or individual donations of $1000.00.  Either way, these important and necessary adopters-of-a-month will be honored with the name of the group or individual honoree appearing on a plaque inside of the Schoolhouse.  The adopters will also be recognized on our website.   This donation will allow the Camano Schoolhouse Foundation (a 501(c)(3) corporation) to remain solvent while we restore Camano’s only operating one-room schoolhouse as a new cultural and education center for our community.