Who are we?


1. Completed Strategic Plan 2016-2020

2. (Goal 1) Full Board with Developed Duties and Established Process for Retention

3. (Goal 1) Committee Chairs
A. Cultural Committee (Bettina Schifferel)
B. Internship Program (Russ Bunio) (ahead of schedule)

4. (Goal 2) Raise Awareness of Schoolhouse
A. New Website
B. Stanwood Camano News
C. Personal Invites to Heritage Preservation Award Breakfast

5. (Goal 2) Developed Capital Campaign for 2017

6. (Goal 2) Developed Operational Fund Raising Campaign for 2017

7. (Goal 2) Applied for and Obtained THREE Grants (Thanks Chuck!)

8. (Goal 2 & Goal 6) Creating Play with Maude (Historic Sites Tour) for 2017

9. (Goal 3 and Goal 5)  Creating Plan for Displays of Historical Artifacts and Photos

10. (Goal 3)  Creating List of Needs for Capital Campaign

11. (Goal 4) Developed Events

A. Lectures:
i. Lincoln on Lincoln’s Birthday Weekend (Fundraiser)
ii. Eleanor Roosevelt in Women’s History Month (Fundraiser)

B. Cultural Celebrations:
i. Chamber – BBB in June
ii. Midsomer in June (Fundraiser)
iii. Plein Air in July
iv. Stanwood Parade in August
v. HOLIDAY PARTY – Fundraiser

C. Annual Award Breakfast – October for Mary Margaret Haugen.

12. (Goal 5)  Found the Bell, the 1912 Photo of Schoolhouse, its wood floor and blackboards

13. (Goal 5) Found Tami Douglass….what a gem! (Thanks Don! And Tami!)

14. (Goal 6) Created the Historic Site Tour with 10 sites and Tourism Grant.