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Camano City's 1906 Schoolhouse is a part of Camano Island's rich history.  A Washington Heritage Register Historic Site, Camano Schoolhouse is the Camano Island's sole remaining, operating one-room schoolhouse.

As steward of The Camano Schoolhouse, Camano Schoolhouse Foundation (CSF) created a 2016-2020 Strategic Plan for the Schoolhouse.  Click here to view Strategic Plan.

In short, CSF's Vision and Mission are to renovate and preserve Camano Island's classic 1906 one-room schoolhouse while also creating a vibrant gathering place with excellent present-day educational classes and cultural activities for people of all ages.

Within our website, you will find our numerous activities that
meet with CSF's Mission, Vision and Goals.  To succeed, CSF
reaches out to the Camano Island community to find those
who care about our island, its history, and the Camano
Schoolhouse.  Through this outreach, CSF is developing a
robust and self-sustaining organization.  Click here to view
our new Board and Advisory Committee.

Through its 2016 Pilot Programs, CSF confirmed our
community's needs and interests in education for all members of the family.  CSF presented excellent and well attended classes and activities.

From the community's involvement with these programs, we know we are on the right track.  Camano area residents and visitors want more.  CSF intends to deliver.

Classes on art, literature, science, business and law, along with historical displays and teachings of Camano Island's history from the earliest of times, will preserve the experience of “old school style”  for future generations.  People of all ages, learning and conversing together, will enrich the Camano Island community experience.

New Schoolhouse Renderings

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Prior to embarking on its 2018 full class schedule, CSF seeks to ensure a more accommodating and accessible schoolhouse for all of our students, teachers and visitors.  CSF's necessary Capital Campaign, "Raise the Bell", will achieve necessary structural improvements and have students of all ages ready to start the year (2018) with an admirable list of classes and cultural lessons events.  Click here to learn more about the CSF  Capital Campaign.

For this important Capital Campaign and all activities in the CFS Strategic Plan to be successful, CSF wants and needs all hands on deck to make this educational experience a reality for our community.  If YOU are intrigued and want to be involved with our Camano Island treaured schoolhouse,  please contact CSF by clicking here.

"Old School is New School"

in Camano's One-Room Schoolhouse

Our Mission

To renovate and preserve the classice on-room 1906 Camano City Schoolhouse, to exhibit Camano Island history and provide a vibrant gathering place for educational and cultural activities for people of all ages.


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Help us save this 1906 historic site on Camano Island.
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